Our First Cafe Class was Crowned with Complete Success

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Our first Cafe Class was crowned with complete success!

More people have turned up than expected and were ready to learn while having fun. 


The class started with self-introduction, own experience 
and what they wanted to learn.

Some wanted to work in a café shop, others have a machine at home and came to see how to operate it properly, and others just love coffee and wanted to know more about it.



During the class, students were having fun and asking 
questions about types of coffee, grinders, milk and sharing 
their experience.


We finish with a Q&A session and also making a tasty coffee for every student.


Make sure you get a spot for the next class and have fun together while learning

Visit our page and register yourself!



【Ale咖啡小课堂】第二次报名已经开始!三月二十三号星期六,感兴趣的小伙伴可以通过网站(www.realtisan.com.au)报名,也可直接发送以下信息至 [email protected]

You can enrol via our website (www.realtisan.com.au) or sending an email to [email protected] with your

-Full name

-Mobile number


-Class to attend

-Referral person