【Breaking News】RBA cuts cash rate to new historic low of 0.1% | 历史新低!澳联储下调现金利率至0.1%!

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  • The RBA has cut the official interest on Tuesday from 0.25% to 0.1%, as widely expected.
  • As expected, the move lower was accompanied by a bigger foray into quantitative easing (QE) as well, with the RBA committing to purchasing $100 billion in government bonds of 5 to 10 years maturity over the next six month.
  • It comes as Victoria remerges from lockdown and the RBA calls a third quarter of positive growth.



澳大利亚储备银行(Reserve Bank of Australia)今天决定下调现金利率(基准利率)至0.1%,并表示未来3年内不会加息,以刺激澳大利亚经济摆脱 COVID-19造成的衰退。 此外,澳大利亚储备银行(Reserve Bank of  Australia)承诺提供$1000亿澳元的量化宽松。 这是今年的第三次降息,也是澳大利亚历史上最低的利率。 澳联储行长菲利普·洛(Philip Lowe)在其货币声明中表示,削减利率的理由是为更多澳大利亚人提供信贷。