Introducing the Brand New Luxurious Apartment Project in Willoughby, North Sydney: Spacious Layouts, Top-Tier Schools!


Sydney’s Traditional Lower North Shore: A Beloved Locale Among Residents and Politicians Alike, Ranked Among the Top Areas in Sydney for Its Understated Luxury and Affluent Neighborhoods.


The school district in Willoughby has long been renowned in New South Wales and is highly sought after.

Willoughby consistently demonstrates competitive prowess in the annual HSC (Higher School Certificate) high school rankings.

In 2018, Willoughby stood out as the only public school to break into the Top 50, showcasing that public schools can indeed provide high-quality education that rivals that of many private high schools.

Willoughby Girls High School, Ranked in the Top 3 in New South Wales


According to the 2021 census statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the average household income in Willoughby is $3,000 per week, categorizing it among the high-income groups in Sydney.

Willoughby is greatly cherished by the local community.

The workforce in Willoughby is predominantly comprised of professionals and managers, including lawyers, among others.

It is also noted that a former Premier of New South Wales resides here.


Directly opposite the project is a park, with the convenience of stepping out right into a park setting. A short stroll away lies another park, providing a serene backdrop for peaceful walks, runs, or simply sitting on a bench to soak up the sun and read a book. You can also enjoy rowing with friends, taking in the mountainous scenery for a comfortable and leisurely lifestyle at your own pace.

A gentle breeze carries the rustling of leaves, and the scent of fresh grass wafts through the air.

The gifts of nature seem exceptionally beautiful.

After a leisurely stroll, you make your way to a sidewalk café to savor a cup of aromatic handcrafted coffee,

or perhaps purchase a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to add a new sensation to your day.

The project is constructed by a New South Wales ICIRT 4.5-star builder (out of a perfect score of 5), signifying a highly reliable strength and quality. It stands as Willoughby’s sole prestigious, low-density, new apartment complex, with no more land available for development in Willoughby.

The first phase is currently on sale,

with only 28 units available.

The top floor features spacious four-bedroom apartments,

each complete with a garage and storage room.

Basic amenities of superior quality
Make living all the more comfortable

The kitchens are equipped with Miele’s top-of-the-line appliances, achieving a WIFI-enabled smart kitchen setup, and thoughtfully providing an integrated refrigerator for each household. Each kitchen is designed with a double sink.

The bathrooms feature the renowned French brand Parsi, a high-end brand in the realm of faucets and bathware, meticulously crafted from the finest materials to create unparalleled works of art.

The project ensures a ceiling height standard of 2.7 meters for each residence,
the layout is very practical, and a study room has been included in most of the floor plans.
Air conditioning external units are installed on the rooftop, saving valuable indoor space.
It is a genuinely low-density property, offering great privacy.

Willoughby holds immense potential for appreciation; it’s a place where every inch of land is incredibly valuable. Aside from this project, there is no more land available for development in the area—securing a property here means guaranteed value.

In Willoughby, a mere ten-minute drive can take you to the bustling heart of Sydney’s CBD, or a five-minute drive to Chatswood, the famous Chinese community and a significant transportation hub in Sydney. Manly and Northbridge are also nearby.

In essence, living here offers the best of both worlds: a tranquil sanctuary and rapid access to the conveniences of the city center—a truly perfect setting!

A limited selection of spacious 4-bedroom apartments is currently on offer,

each one tailor-made for discerning buyers.

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