Realtisan held ‘Sushi cook & testing seminar’ with developer VIMG

2pm – 4pm, on Saturday, 27th March, the property solutions provider – Realtisan and developer VIMG successfully held【Sushi cook & testing seminar】! There were almost 100 friends joined our seminar!

Our seminar started at 2:30 pm with about 100 friends coming.

Firstly, Wilhelm Luo, the Founder & Director of Realtisan gave an introduction about Realtisan. We would hold different kinds of seminars for our clients, including food, lifestyle, sports etc.

Then, William Lin began to introduce Japanese culture and food. William has been studying and staying in Japan for 10 years, during this time, he got a lot of knowledge about Japan and learned how to make sushi and other Japanese food.

After the introduction, William began to teach our participants how to cook Sushi and let them to taste!

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