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Many friends have been wanting to invest in Sydney’s real estate, but they don’t know where to invest. They can take a look at this article about the House Land project in the new southwest.

Today, Realtisan will analyze through several aspects why to invest in House Land in the new southwest, the benefits of investing in House Land in the new southwest, and the risk situation.

Invest with the government, invest with the planning.

Firstly, as the New Southwest government’s top priority development and the largest infrastructure project, we can trust that following the policies is a very safe investment, and we believe that many investors share the same view.

The construction of Sydney’s second international airport is progressing smoothly according to plan, and it is planned to be completed in 2026. After the new airport is completed, the nearby technology parks and logistics-related industries will provide a lot of employment opportunities. In terms of real estate investment, the New Southwest is definitely a high point in stages, and it is very suitable for investment from the perspective of the city’s long-term development and potential. As for the land in the New Southwest, it has flat terrain, future immigrant populations, and a large number of job opportunities, and the government is investing a large amount of funds in construction, with unlimited potential for appreciation in the future.

Leppington, as a key development area of the New Southwest government, has boosted the economy of the entire region, driving up property prices and catching the eye of many investors. Whether for personal occupancy or investment, one can reap the benefits of the appreciation of property values brought by the new Sydney airport, as future demand is only expected to increase and land values will continue to rise.

  • The only area in the New South West with a Business Park, Town Centre, Sports Centre, Hospital, and large-scale Master Plan development.

Convenient living and commuting

It takes about 15 minutes to walk to Leppington train station from the project site, which offers very convenient transportation and direct access to Sydney CBD. In order to meet the surging demand from the influx of new residents, more than 1,000 parking spaces have been added near Leppington station, making commuting more humane and convenient.

Government planning includes a connection to the airport line from Leppington Station to the new airport.

Woolworths shopping center is under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023

The project is surrounded by a brand new Woolworths shopping center under construction, which costs $72 million, has 8,000 square meters of retail space, and more than 40 retail stores. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2023 and will create more than 200 job opportunities upon opening.

Family income and humanities education

Leppington currently has public primary and secondary schools as well as private schools. In the future, a TAFE (Technical and Further Education) campus will also be established in the Town Centre. The government has announced that the only new elite school to be built in New South Wales in the next 25 years will be located in Leppington.

In terms of population structure, the New Southwest region has been gradually attracting residents since 2012. According to the 2021 census, the average weekly household income in NSW is $1,829, while the average weekly household income in the New Southwest region is over $2,000, which belongs to the high-income family area.

Success Stories in the New Southwest Area

Realtisan has been focusing on projects in the southwest and northwest for many years, and successful cases show that in 2014, a customer bought a 375 square meter land with a 220 square meter, single-story, four-bedroom, two-bathroom, double garage house package, with a price range of $520k-580k.

The prices of second-hand houses of the same type in the current market are all above $1.0 million.

In 2020, we helped our clients invest in the Leppinton project and by August 2021, when the land was sold, they had already made a profit of around $200-300k from the land alone, not including the increase in building value. The return on investment was over 200%, making it a truly low-risk, high-return investment.


Realtisan’s partner builder is also very reliable, with 8 years of cooperation and positive feedback from previous clients. The projects they build are mostly on land developed by Metro, and the developer and builder are the same company, committed to offering full turnkey fixed prices and using the same building materials and interior finishes for projects of equal quality. Their building prices are 10-20% lower than market prices.

Creation Homes is ranked among the top 16 builders in Australia, with a construction volume of 1,500-2,000 homes per year. As we all know, finding a cost-effective and reliable builder in Sydney is really not easy.

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