Rouse Hill – The Most Affordable Property Near Sydney Metro Station

Sydney’s Metro line is Australia’s biggest public transport project that will connect major suburbs across four lines by 2030. The Norwest line, completed in 2019, connects customers from Chatswood to Tallawong within 30 minutes.

By 2024, this line will connect to Bankstown via City and SouthWest line. Parramatta and Sydney’s CBD will be connected via Metro West before 2030. This Western Sydney Airport line will grant access to the Western Sydney International Airport and Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

Living close to a Metro station is the preferable option for people who value convenience and want to stay connected for tomorrow’s Sydney.

Our project is 300 meters from the local Metro station – which translates to a mere 3 minute walk for residents to access leading edge transport infrastructure connecting them to the Lower North Shore and CBD. This property is priced competitively by beating similar local properties by 10% and is priced 40% lower than similar properties within the six Metro stations surrounding it.

Why Choose Our Property?

We are the most affordable property close to Sydney metro station. 40% price lower than other similar properties.

In 3 minutes, residents can access the town centre, metro station, sports park, the local primary school, and college.

2 minutes to the nearby Sports field, which as big as three soccer fields.

We want to offer you a low density, high quality private living community. 50% of our property is covered by landscaping. Each residential building is located 40-50 meters distance apart from each other which is 3 times more spacious than other similar properties.

70% of our property face each and north with 140,000 sqm2 permanent uninterrupted grand view. 30% face internal green garden, which covers 50% of our property.

Our floorplans are mostly square layout. No internal space wasted. It is suitable for both young professionals and families.

The new release is launching, most of stock face north, and east with uninterrupted green view and high privacy.

Stage 3: now is selling. 60% is sold out. Ready to move in by later 2024.

Stage 2: 90% sold out.

Stage 1: All occupied in late 2021.

Our Top Picks:

1 bedroom + car space (some unit with a huge study)

Starting from $520,000

One bedroom, one bathroom, and a study. Study can be made into one bedroom.
External area: 27 sqm2
Internal area: 67 sqm2
Total area: 94 sqm2
Internal area: 52 sqm2
External area: 195 sqm2
Total area: 715 sqm2

2 bedroom + 2 bathroom + Carspace

Starting from $639,000

Internal area: 75 sqm2
External area: 18 sqm2
Total area: 93 sqm2
Two bedrooms with huge outdoor patio.
Internal area: 83 sqm2
External area: 56 sqm2
Total area: 139 sqm2
Internal area: 77 sqm2
External area: 33 sqm2
Total area: 111 sqm2

3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms + 2 Carspace

Starting from $860,000

Internal area: 109 sqm2
External area: 17 sqm2
Total area: 126 sqms

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