Your Dream House – Affordable House and Land in Northwest Box Hill, priced at $829,000 – $939,000.

Discover the affordable land and villa projects in Box Hill, the thriving northwest region of Sydney, with Realtisan. These projects capitalize on the scarce local land resources, offering spacious land areas and meticulously designed villas that fulfill people’s pursuit of high-quality homes. With our insights into the latest trends and demands in the Sydney land market, Realtisan provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the promising opportunities in Box Hill.

Box Hill, Marsden Park, Colebee, Kellyville, Riverstone, Schofields, and Vineyard are key development areas in Sydney’s northwest, as prioritized by the government. The opening of the new Northwest Metro rail line has significantly improved transportation in these regions, catalyzing rapid overall development and giving rise to a vibrant new community.

Box Hill, located in the North West Growth Centre, is a government-designated priority development area. With the increased population resulting from the new train service, there is a growing demand for housing, leading to the potential appreciation of property prices. As land becomes scarcer due to resource depletion, the availability of villas in the northwest area will become increasingly limited.

By 2026, thanks to the government’s Box Hill Industrial Development plan, Box Hill will see the construction of 9,600 new residential dwellings, 133 hectares of employment land, primary and secondary schools, large shopping centers, and comprehensive road upgrades while preserving vegetation cover. Combined with the existing excellent schools, hospitals, and amenities in the area, Box Hill is set to undergo a remarkable transformation into a vibrant and modern new city district over the next three years. Similar to the success of Kellyville in the past, Box Hill is poised to become the next sought-after destination for property investors.

Why Choose Box Hill?

The scarcity of land in Sydney, except for the Northwest and Southwest regions, has left no new areas for development. The New South Wales Premier has even called for the construction of high-rise buildings, further exacerbating the scarcity of land for detached houses. Box Hill is the second most searched area in New South Wales on Google and represents the last available land in The Hills Shire. Compared to other priority development centers in the Northwest, Box Hill has the greatest potential and is the most attractive community for sustainable growth.

High-quality educational resources

Box Hill area boasts robust educational resources, with 4 prestigious schools planned within the area. Among them, Santa Sophia Catholic College, occupying the largest area in the central location, is a state-of-the-art educational institution with an estimated investment of $123 million. Spanning six floors, the college offers comprehensive curriculum from kindergarten to grade 12.

Business Park

In the newly established planning scheme for the 11 identified growth centers in the northwest, Box Hill has been designated as an employment and service center. The plan aims to create approximately 16,000 new job opportunities.

Convenient living

Box Hill has its own Town Centre, and in addition to that, there are three medium-sized shopping centers located near residential areas.

Convenient transportation

Convenient transportation options are available for commuters in Box Hill. The Rouse Hill Metro and Tallawong Metro stations are in close proximity to the project. Both stations are connected to the existing Epping to Chatswood railway line, and the expansion of the CBD is expected to be completed by 2024, currently in the trial phase. The Northconnex tunnel links the M1 Pacific Motorway in Wahroonga to the M2 motorway in West Pennant Hills.

Within a 5-minute drive, you can reach the Vineyard and Riverstone train stations.
Within a 7-minute drive, you can reach the Rouse Hill Metro and Tallawong Metro stations.
Within a 4-minute drive, you can reach the Box Hill City Centre.
Within a 5-minute drive, you can reach the Rouse Hill Town Centre.

Additionally, the soon-to-be-completed Rouse Hill major integrated hospital is just a 5-minute drive away. With an investment of $300 million, this hospital will provide world-class medical services.

Livable Oasis

Surrounded by vast greenery, the area offers abundant green spaces, creating a beautiful and pleasant environment. Within the Box Hill development plan, there are 6 grass sports fields, 59 hectares of large-scale preserved vegetation, and 58 hectares of open spaces and recreational areas.

Population structure

According to the latest 2021 census data, the average weekly household income in Box Hill is above $2800, indicating it is a high-income area.

The median age in Box Hill is 42 years, indicating a relatively young population structure. The area is home to a significant number of skilled professionals who contribute to the social development with their expertise and talents.

Superior cost-performance ratio

Currently, three-bedroom apartments in Box Hill have reached $850,000, while townhouses are priced at $1 million. However, Realtisan has found three projects that offer a superior cost-performance ratio.

Box Hill offers freehold, independent houses with prices ranging from $829,000 to $939,000.

Within a 5-minute walk, you can access a new shopping center, new schools, new sports fields, and new parks.

Land registration will be available in June. Fixed price.

Realtisan recommends independent villa projects

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